Discover the Treasures of Costa Rica

There are a lot of reasons why many travelers visit Costa Rica more than other country in Central America. Aside from the beautiful ladies that are native to the place, natural wonders of the country are also one more thing to look forward to.

From the outskirts to the suburbs, Costa Rica has amazing views, beaches, and locations you must not miss. Another great thing about the country is the culture of the people. They are very traditional with their practices that even the latest generation continues the legacy of their forefathers.

Food is another highlight of Costa Rica. Ticas and Ticos have a good palate that makes their cooking very impeccable. There are a lot interesting dishes that you would want to try during your visit. Without a doubt, this place will give you the best time of your life.

What to Expect in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is quite a laid back country. There are plenty of heritage sites, museums, and other historical landmarks that will easily win the heart of those fond of things from the past. Meanwhile, thrill-seekers will have an exciting time in the mountain trails and other outdoor spots around. There are recreational parks as well that gives you more options of where you could go.

Some tourist destinations to see are:

  • Tortuguero National Park
  • Manuel Antonio National Park
  • Osa Peninsula
  • La Fortuna Waterfall
  • San Jose National Theater
  • Arenal Volcano National Park
  • Irazu Volcano
  • Cloud Forests

How to Get There?

There are four international airports in Costa Rica. Its major airport, the Juan Santamaria International Airport, is located 23 kilometers west of the capital city of San Jose. There is also the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia. As of late, there are over thirty international airlines that travel to and from the country.

When flying domestic, there are more than enough scheduled flights that you can board to get from province to province. In fact, there are about 75 flights from three local airlines that are flying to 15 destinations in the country. These companies are Nature Air, Paradise Air, and Sansa.

The average airfare cost for domestic flights can reach up to $200 during peak season and can be as low as $150 during regular days. Meanwhile, international airfare may reach up to $1000 when coming from Vancouver, while it can be as low as $350 when coming from Miami. The cost can never be a fixed number as it may change unpredictably depending on the season of your travel date, your destination, and where you’re from. You also have to pay for appropriate taxes before your flight.

Travel Tips When in Costa Rica

  1. Spanish is the national language of the country and you need to learn a few phrases even before you board your flight. Basic greetings, directions, and words of gratitude will definitely help you during your stay.
  2. Carry a physical map when going around. Streets around don’t have any names on them. The safest way to always know where you are or where you’re going is when you have a navigational tool with you.
  3. Locals will rarely say no to any of your requests out of courtesy. In the country, a yes can sometimes mean no. They’re just too modest to say no in fear of offending you.
  4. Bring your own water bottle instead of buying from stores and shops. Most waterlines in Costa Rica have potable water. You can just refill your container whenever you need to without having to pay for anything.
  5. Reservations are important during your trip. Know that Costa Rica is flocking with tourists all year. Given that, it might get difficult to find an accommodation if you do things at the last minute especially during the peak season.