How to Date Singles in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the finest countries in Central America. It has drawn many tourists to its land in search for a one of a kind adventure as well as to find a lady that they can call their own. One is easily smitten with the Ticas much like how tourists are easily attracted to the local destinations.

Singles in Costa Rica are certainly keepers in a relationship. Most of them are very dedicated to their families, giving almost all of themselves for the ones they love. They are up for the serious deal, but they can still be flirty and playful. These reasons alone make up why they’re the ideal partners to be with.

Best Qualities of Costa Rica Women

  • A Tica has exotic physical features that you don’t often find in a woman. They may have the same skin colors as Latinas, Puerto Ricans, or other neighboring countries but there’s just something about them that automatically draws the eye.
  • They’re not just about looks, however. They have smart minds that can outwit anyone. Because of their passion for their tradition, they’re the best people to talk to if you want to know more about the history of the nation. However, these ladies have already been influenced by the western culture. They can easily adjust to the quirks of any foreign individuals.
  • Fierce at first glance, but Ticas are naturally sweet and romantic. They are not easy to win over, but when their hearts are caught by lucky individuals, they become the best lovers on earth.
  • Costa Rican women also have a good taste for food. Their broad palates range from the traditional Costa Rican dishes to international ones. So when cooking, they can adjust the meals they prefer to the cravings of who will eat. Surely, anyone dating them will have many home dates in the future.

Traditional Dating Etiquette in Costa Rica

  • Costa Rican ladies are generally not into public display of affection. They, however, make exception to holding hands and occasional hugs and touches.
  • Ticas, despite their independence, welcome gifts when given to them without expectations. Gifts cannot buy out their affections, unfortunately.
  • They don’t mind introducing their partners to their parents. However, it would take time for them to meet their lover’s parents. It’s not that they don’t want to, but something that serious will take some time for them.
  • Sex is not something that they do casually. Traditionally, Ticas have sex only after they are married. Because of their religious beliefs, they are least likely to break this rule.

Biggest Turn Offs When Dating Costa Rica Singles

  • Using a foreign status to win their hearts. They’ve already met a lot of tourists from multiple countries. Someone bragging about their citizenship to these ladies’ faces will only push them away.
  • Getting treated as a submissive is definitely a turn off for Costa Rican singles. They have already witnessed or experienced enough gender stereotypes to revoke the practice. They like to be treated as equals in the relationship rather than someone who follows leads.
  • Questionable sincerity. This is a big no-no for Costa Rican women. They know what they want and casual hookups are definitely not a part of it. They want someone they can have in a long term relationship.
  • Partners who are too forward will make them frown without a doubt. They don’t like someone that’s too aggressive whether in their courtship, or in their desires.

Dating Costa Rican ladies offer an exciting experience to the singles who come to the country looking for love. Take part in this promising journey. Join our romance tours to Costa Rica and meet the one. Contract our team today!